Special Council Meeting #21-29- RFP Update

Earlier this week, MACA notified administration that a concerned resident questioned the reasoning behind the scheduled special meeting and agenda items for today. We thank residents for giving us the opportunity to clarify the need for the Special Meeting today.

As per direction and clarification from MACA’s Community Governance Advisor, Council was instructed to continue with today’s proceedings as planned. Council was assured by MACA that they are within their rights to proceed with presenting the chip seal and drainage/road improvement RFP’s.

The RFP’s have been talked about throughout this year at public meetings (May 26, August 17, August 31) as well as during budget discussions. They are a part of the approved 5-year capital plan.

Council chose to sole source two contacts HRN Contracting earlier this year (drill blast and crush material) in preparation for this ongoing project.

The Town is completing a cost comparison for the drainage project between ourselves, HRN and Northridge. A list of materials has been sent to both contractors. This will ensure that the best price is secured.

Completing the storm sewer along Franklin Ave first, will provide an opportunity to address / remove poor quality soils and wood waste fill in this area before completing the chip seal.

The estimated completion of the chip seal project is set for September 2022.

The chip seal project tender documents will be opened publicly November 12, 2021, and a new council can determine how to proceed from there.

There are dedicated Build Canada and ICIP funds allocated for the two projects.