Update from Mayor Watson - April 25, 2017

“Unfortunately, this is one of those occasional Tuesdays where 5 out of 7 Councillors are out of town on business. Anyone who has attended a meeting can attest to the ineffectual, non-productive atmosphere that situation creates.

This is also a genuine risk due to such difficult communication and a high likelihood that what comes out if a meeting like this is likely to set us back or slow us down trying to sort it all out afterwards.

I know that many of you have noted that we postponed last week’s meeting since the SAO was out of town for medical reasons.  Previously, the March 21 Committee of the Whole meeting was cancelled due to quorum concerns.

This evening, random chance has 5 of 7 Councillors out of town either on business travel or holiday, which we all deserve at some point.

Please rest assured that while not optimal this does, has, and will occasionally happen to all organizations at some point.

Your Town Council will ensure we make up for the lost time as soon as we have a workable number in the same room.

Just last week the Town sent out tender packages through an Engineering firm for the bidding to commence on one of the largest, most significant and important construction projects ever done by your local Municipal Government. Repairs to the sewage lift stations and associated components of our sewer systems may not be all that sexy, but I would suggest that after clean and safe drinking water it's arguably the second most important Town facility.

This is expected to be a very high priced and long overdue project that will provide some local employment and much needed economic stimulus! “