Update for Residents: Enbridge Pipeline

To:      Residents of the Town of Norman Wells

From:  Town Council and Administration

Date:   February 10, 2017

Re: Enbridge Pipeline

Town Council received an update from Enbridge regarding the segment of pipeline that has been closed as part of a precautionary measure since fall of 2016.

Enbridge is currently evaluating the possibility of the segment replacement at the Mackenzie Crossing near Fort Simpson.

The proposed project would include replacing up to 2300 meters of pipe to a depth of 70 – 100 metres.

A preliminary time frame has been given to Town Council and Administration stating drilling will begin in early August with completion in late October 2017. This timeframe is dependent on many factors including geotechnical analysis, regulatory approvals and support from their primary shipper.

The existing pipeline segment being replaced will be decommissioned and left in place.

Enbridge has informed Town Council and Administration of their intention to submit applications to the National Energy Board for construction of the new pipeline segment and decommissioning of the existing segment in March.

Town Council and Administration recognize the importance of keeping residents up to date on this project and will continue to provide updates to residents as they receive them from Enbridge. 


Update for Residents: Enbridge Pipeline