Public Notice - Tire Chains and Chipseal Road Maintenance


To:                 Businesses and Residents of the Town of Norman Wells

From:             Town Administration

Date:               December 14, 2016

Re: Tire Chains and Chipseal Road Maintenance

Tire Chains

The Town would like to remind all Businesses and Residents of the importance of following all signage and rules around the use of tire chains for all vehicles.

The use of tire chains within Town limits is strictly prohibited.

A chain on/off site will be designated and signs posted near the junction of the winter roads to allow for all vehicles to remove all chains before entering the Town proper. Failure to comply will result in a $500 fine.

Chipseal Road Maintenance

All heavy vehicles (28 Tons and over) must use the designated truck route in Town.

Grocery/liquor, house moving and miscellaneous supply trucks should be unloaded at terminals and smaller (5 Ton) delivery trucks should move supplies in and out for their deliveries.

For any contractor excluding essential services who requires to move equipment or vehicles over 28 Ton on the chip roads for any type of work requirements in the chip areas must apply for a permit and pay a monthly fee. Contact the Town Office for the permit application form.

For more information or questions contact the Town Clerk.