Norman Wells Celebrates Canada's 150th Anniversary

Canada’s sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) is an important milestone for all Canadians. Canadians all across the country will be celebrating the Anniversary of Confederation with local, community and national celebrations and events.

The Government of Canada’s vision for the 150th anniversary of Confederation includes four major themes: diversity and inclusiveness, the environment, young people and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Norman Wells plans to participate in these celebrations by including the four major themes into events planned for both National Aboriginal Day and Canada Day.  

Town is working on a plan to host a traditional Dene games and traditional feast as well as additional annual festivities of National Anthem singing, cake cutting and town barbeque. The Town, with help of the local youth and residents, will be creating a graffiti wall at the Youth and Elder Centre. This wall will be a representation of the civic and national pride of our Town as well as an encompassing public art piece for all to see. 

The Town recognizes that many residents may have their own ideas on the best ways to celebrate this milestone for Canada. To help with gaining input of residents, Town Administration is setting up a Canada 150 Committee to help plan and organize these and other events for the year.

If you have an idea or wish to be part of this Committee, please contact the Town’s Development Officer, Chelsea McLean or Town Clerk, Janna Trace for more information. Chelsea can be reached at or by calling 867-587-3700 ext. 1003. Janna can be reached or by calling 867-587-3700 ext. 1002.

We look forward to hearing from anyone with any ideas or feedback as well as any residents or groups wanting to volunteer or contribute to this momentous occasion! 


Norman Wells Celebrates Canada's 150th Anniversary