Mental Health Awareness Week

The first week in May is Mental Health Awareness Week - it is an annual national event that takes place across Canada. Creating healthy and supportive communities is imperative for the wellbeing of all individuals. Mental health week helps to create spaces and provide information to reduce stigma for those who experience these challenges. Lifting people spirits helps to create good energy and - music can be instrumental in doing this.

In Norman Wells - during Mental Health Awareness week we are going to have an event titled “Music in the Air” where tunes will be played over the town speakers throughout the week.

We need your help! We are looking for community members to loan some of their CD’s (so we have a variety of tunes) to the town to play during the “Music in the Air” event.

Please drop off your CD’s to Delany  at the town office by Friday April 28, 2017  (your CD will be returned after the event).