Information Update from Council to our Residents

As many of you either already know or have been made aware of to some degree, the Enbridge Pipelines (Norman Wells) Inc. (Enbridge) has shut down their pipeline as a precautionary measure due to slope stability concerns near the Mackenzie River Crossing.

Currently the pipeline remains safe and the Company’s preventative maintenance and monitoring program has worked, alerting Enbridge, in the first instance, to the changing conditions on the slope and the need to take action to ensure the continued safety of the pipeline.

Enbridge has isolated the pipe section under the river and shut off the valves on either side of the crossing. No hydro carbons release has been detected and the pipeline is currently structurally intact.

Town Officials met with Enbridge and IORL Officials to discuss the situation.  All involved are busy working on solutions. Communication between the Town, Enbridge, IORL and NTPC will continue as the situation progresses. Council is committed to providing you updates as this work evolves.


1)    How will Norman Wells get its power?

NTPC will continue to purchase power from Imperial Oil Ltd. for the Town of Norman Wells and if that isn’t an option, our back-up plant will provide power to the Town.               

2)    What happens when they can’t provide the power?

NTPC is always prepared for power outages and has a back-up plant in Norman Wells that can provide adequate power for its customers in the community.

3)    How long can NTPC generate back-up power?

NTPC can continue to generate power indefinitely.  It’s what NTPC does – we build in contingency back-up and have options should the need arise.

4)    Why was the pipeline shut down? (or any other Enbridge questions)

Please contact Enbridge directly for any questions about the pipeline and its operation.

5)    Should we be worried that we won’t have power?

Power has been generated and delivered by NTPC and its predecessor the Northern Canada Power Corporation for more than 70 years. We have responded to catastrophic events quickly and efficiently and had communities restored within 24 hours. So no, there is no need to worry – NTPC will continue to look after the residents and businesses in Norman Wells. 

The following is a direct quote to us from the Power Corp:

‘We are definitely ready to supply the Town of Norman Wells as and when needed’. 

Your Town Council and Staff are working together with all involved to keep our Residents as informed and up to date as possible.

On Behalf of Council and Administration.

Yours Truly,

Mayor Nathan Watson